Right To Bear, Gun Club

  • Mission Statement: To deliver an unparalleled, comfortable experience for those who have often felt disregarded or marginalized.  To promote the responsible handling of firearms, to encourage greater participation and knowledge of the Second Amendment rights to the marginalized communities.  To foster healthy relationships with firearms and education.  To provide an environment conducive for practical, down-to-earth, personal protection, training, knowledge, and related services. We ensure that with membership, members can pursue their respective protection or sporting disciplines and seek comprehension in a safe and knowledgeable, yet supportive environment that fosters skill development and community for all ages.

  • Values Statement: To have a place to safely pursue their passion for the Second Amendment.  To promote a safe and healthy training environment. Whether you consider yourself a novice or a pro, you are always welcome to participate in all club-sponsored events.

  • Vision Statement: Our goal is to help introduce the whole family to personal protection, shooting sports, advocacy, as well as stress the safe handling of firearms.  Providing this opportunity is intended to promote the personal and community traits of; unity, honesty, self-discipline, self-reliance, cooperation, and fellowship.  To be an all encompassing personal protection training, marksmanship, hunting, and community resource club.

Membership Benefits

Monthly Regular Membership Meetings

Discount on Right To Bear, Firearms Training/Association Products

Representation within the Second Amendment culture

Free, community based events